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Front Desk Roster


July: Captain: Carl Duffey
  Team: Chris Ayers
August: Captain: Andrew Owens
  Team: Alex Ritchie
September: Captain: Debbie Leidheiser
  Team: Carol Teachey
October: Captain: Sam Shiplett
  Team: Phil Victor
November: Captain: Bill Mulvihill
    Carl Duffey
December: Captain: William Raymond
  Team: Vaughan Dunnavant
January: Captain: Carol Teachey
  Team: Marian Millikan
February: Captain: Chris Ayers
  Team: Debbie Leidheiser
March: Captain: Richard Cunningham
  Team: Sam Shiplett
April: Captain: Kurt Harold
  Team: William Raymond
May: Captain: John Clair
  Team: Bill Mulvihill
June: Captain: Bill Plasha
  Team: Richard Cunningham
Unassigned Members:
Available for fill in: All Club Members not assigned to a month


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