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1. FREE-Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment Endowment. Champions – PE Andrew Owens/PP Richard Cunningham.
Ongoing. Our Rotary International Showcased /Significant Achievement Award winning Club Signature Service Project. We pick up and deliver donated mobility equipment for challenged adults of all ages.
We provide twice monthly pick up and delivery of mobility equipment for medically challenged and qualified adults of all ages. Started in August 2013; District Grant $4,000 2015. Almost every fit member has participated as a volunteer. This year, 16 members have engaged with this project – over 120 Volunteer Hours per annum,
The James River FREE project featured in an “In The Community” radio broadcast in February.

2. MMFF- Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival. Champion-PEN Sam Shiplett
Ongoing. An annual joint fundraising project. Headed by Midlothian Rotary Club. Raised over $7,600 for our club charities in 2015

3. SALVATION ARMY-Red Kettle Bell Ringing. Champion-Vaughan Dunnavant
Ongoing.An annual social event over Christmas for members and their friends and families. Funds raised go to homeless projects. Started in 2013. Many members participated including the whole Powers family

4. ROAD CLEAN UP-John Watkins Highway. Champion- PP Carl Duffey
Ongoing. Club members and their friends and families clean up the road 3 times a year. Started in 2010.

5. HHF-HOUSING FAMILIES FIRST-Christmas Stocking Filler. Champions- Marian Millikan, Carol Teachey
Ongoing. An annual event. Club members and Rotaractors fill stockings for over 30 children at this fast track re-housing program. Club funds the purchases. Started in 2013

Ongoing. Community corps event started in 2013. At least six times a year, using the FREE truck, we pick up donated furniture and bedding items. Donations come from members of our club, our Rotaract Club, Blue Goose, Church of The Epiphany and Puritan Cleaners.

7. QUIZ BOWL Fundraiser/Social for Polio Plus–Champion- New Member 2015-16 Kinsey Hewitt
Ongoing. A winter trophy competition initiated in 2015 between Area 5 clubs Midlothian, Brandermill, Huguenot Trail and James River. We won it in partnership with Brandermill in 2015.

8. THE LITTLE LION-TRF Polio Plus Fundraiser/Social–Champion PP Richard Cunningham
One off project initiated by author Nancy Beasley of the Brandermill Club and strongly supported by James River who sponsored the event ($250) and took 19 tickets. We raised $535 for Polio Plus against our Club PPlus budget of $1,500.

9. APPLEBY’S BREAKFAST Polio Plus Fundraiser/Social–Champion PP Carl Duffey
Ongoing. An annual winter project initiated in 2015. The first event raised $1,400 in 2015.

10. TARGET SHOOTING CONTEST-Fundraiser-Champions-PP Richard Cunningham/William Raymond/Bill Plasha/Alex Ritchie.
Ongoing. An annual competition for Rotarians and Non Rotarians started in 2013-2014 which raised $3,000 for nominated charities in 2015. Funds raised in 2016 dedicated to our Global Grant for the new operating theater at the Ashwini Hospital in India.

11. MENDED LITTLE HEARTS – Champion-Marian Millikan
One off fall project to assemble gift packages for the parents/families of children in treatment for serious heart conditions and requiring residential care.

Ongoing. An annual seasonal project initiated 2014. Members purchase, sign and deliver cards to members of the military stationed at Fort Lee over the holiday season.

13. GRAY HAVEN DISTRICT GRANT – Champion- President Appaiah Ballachanda PDG Bob Preston
One off project. $5,000 Dollars raised to help equip a computer lab at this safe location for persons affected by Human Trafficking.

14. GRAY HAVEN INSTALLATION – Champion--President Appaiah Ballachanda PDG Bob Preston
One off project. A workday to unpack and install the equipment purchased with the grant monies on location.

A one off spring community educational event in partnership with Gray Haven, our Rotaract Club and its host college, John Tyler Community College.

An ongoing project initiated in 2014 to fund a $500 scholarship for a qualified student. The Club wishes to increase the fund so that it will become a self funded endowment and raised its annual contribution to $1,000 in 2016.

17. VETS HOSPITAL EASTER LUNCH 27TH MARCH – Champion-William Mulvihill
An ongoing project initiated in 2014 to fund a $500 scholarship for a qualified student. The Club wishes to increase the fund so that it will become a self funded endowment and raised its annual contribution to $1,000 in 2016.

18. WE CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW – Champions Wayne Castleberry and Richard Cunningham
A major sustainable new Mother and Child Health project based in Richmond and promoted by Conexus. It is currently the subject of a 5 or 6 Club $25,000 Joint District Grant Initiative. It involves the funding of eye examinations at Title 1 Elementary Schools in Chesterfield County. Already secured for Rotary and approved by Chesterfield Schools District – the local pilot for a national roll out program. It is designed to identify reading problems and impact the education, lives and careers of children from poor families who cannot afford $300 for a pair of glasses. The Rotary funded cost will be $7 for the examinations plus a voucher as needed.

The Crossover Project for Diabetics is also showing an interest. Could be multi dimensional and huge! The sweat equity role is principally to do with advocacy at all stages of a systematically planned roll our program stewarded by Rotary.

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