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Club Standards

Rotary International has certain minimum standards which have to be met in order to sustain membership.

Our Club also has its own higher expectations and standards. The most important of these are detailed below:


  • The Rotary International Standard is shown below*.
  • Our club attendance is tracked systematically by our Club Secretary.
  • We strive for 100% attendance – a combination of
    • actual meetings attended (within limits, participating in service events qualifies as an actual attendance),
    • Make-ups (see Section 4: Page 2.2 for examples of qualifying activities)
    • Online make-ups - a simple way to maintain 100% attendance. Just go to this link and take it from there:  http://www.rotaryeclubone.org/

Make Ups – Normal

If, within fourteen (14) days before or after the regular time for that meeting, the member

  1. attends a meeting of another club; or is present at a regular meeting of another club (including Interact or Rotaract clubs) for the purpose of attending such meeting, but that club is not meeting at that time or place; or
  2. mentors a new member through their Ignite 400 program; or
  3. participates through a club web site in an interactive activity for not less than 30 minutes; or
  4. participates in a club interactive activity or club specific activity (example-banner maintenance)as may be specified from time to time by the Secretary/Executive Secretary; or
  5. attends a special meeting of the Club or a joint meeting of Rotary clubs; or
  6. attends a Club Board or a Club service committee meeting, which lasts for not less than 30 minutes; or
  7. attends a convention of RI, a Rotary district conference or other district meeting, RLI; or
  8. participates in a Club service project or community event or meeting authorized by the Board; or
  9. volunteers at a charitable organization (501(c)(3)) for at least two (2) hours of service.

Make Ups - Banked

A member may accumulate makeup credits during a fiscal year that may be used to offset absences at a later date. A makeup credit may be used any time during the fiscal year in which the credit is earned. All banked make ups expire at the end of the fiscal year in which they were earned. Each member is responsible for keeping a record of banked make ups and for informing the Secretary as to when the member wishes to have the credit for such make ups applied.

Community Service

There are multiple opportunities to participate in our community service program.

We expect each member to join in a service event at least once every six months.

Triple Crown Club

We make financial contributions to The Rotary Foundation at a level which enables us to maintain our 100% record as a Triple Crown Club with:

  • Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) – 100%.
  • Paul Harris Fellows – 100%
  • Paul Harris sustaining members – 100%

* If a member fails to meet the following minimum attendance requirement, the membership shall be subject
to termination unless the board consents to such non-attendance for good cause:

  • attend or make up at least 50% of regular club meetings in each half of the year.
  • attend at least 30% of the home club’s regular meetings in each half of the year.
  • not to miss 4 consecutive meetings.

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