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Club Service Opportunities


Our Club President - Suggested Routes To Leadership

Our main ongoing strategy going forward is to secure future consistent leadership of our club. We do this by careful new member selection prior to invitation and by ensuring that we provide a consistent happy service, fellowship and learning experience for all our members from the moment they join our club.
We can only achieve this strategy by continuing to attract friendly service committed individuals who will endorse and continue our current policies and prioritize teamwork and respect for the individual.
They will also possess a positive attitude to LEARNING – our leaders of the future are expected to participate in learning activities at District 7600 level, to enter a systematic long term preparation for the Club Presidency though club officer experience, and to complete the 3 part Rotary Leadership Institute course prior to taking over as Club President. A key component of continuity is to ensure that our infrastructure and culture continue relatively unchanged irrespective of the rotating leadership personalities. This is achieved by careful selection of our leaders going forward and involving them in District 7600 learning experiences and training for key leadership positions. The ideal scenario is that at some point in the future, we will be able to sustain a systematic progression over time through the various key club officer positions leading to Club President. This “Rotation” is how Rotary was conceived. That progression will involve:


  • Year 1 – A leadership test-bed assignment – perhaps a committee chair, a service or fund –raising event chair, Sergeant-At-Arms, or Club Rotary International Officer.
  • Year 2 - Treasurer. Until otherwise agreed by the Board, this involves the use of Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online. The Treasurer handles club funds and provides monthly Profit and Loss  Accounts and Balance Sheets to the Board.  Systematic training before takeover  is provided.
  • Year 3 – Club Secretary.  After the President, this is the most important administrative position in the Club. The principal responsibility is Membership – maintaining member records, monitoring attendance and reporting to the Board on a monthly basis. The Club Secretary also takes the minutes at monthly board meetings. Systematic training before takeover is provided.
  • Year 4 – Vice President (President Nominee). Principal responsibilities are the production of our weekly Club Bulletin and arranging speakers for our meetings.  The VP looks to the membership for their help in providing suitable contacts. Systematic training before takeover is provided.
  • Year 5 – President Elect. The principal responsibility is Membership development.
  • Year 6 – Club President. In addition to running the monthly Board Meetings, the President’s prime responsibilities relate to the successful implementation of the Key Result Areas of The Club’s Strategic Plan - Membership, all aspects of Club Service, and Club Administration.

Our Club- Leadership by Example


There are several other ways in which members can serve our club, promote its visibility and enhance its reputation.
Of the activities listed below, all those highlighted in yellow qualify as make-ups :

  • Participating consistently in Club Community Service activities–at least once every 6 months.
  • Participating consistently in Club Social events – example – Officer Installation Ceremony.
  • Participating consistently in Club Fundraisers – examples – Shooting Events. Midlothian FF.
  • Participating in Club Service – examples Banner maintenance.
  • Attending and participating in Board Meetings.
  • Inviting potential new members, particularly unrepresented vocations, to visit our Club.
  • Mentoring a new member through their Ignite 400 program.
  • Sponsoring suitable new members and sharing our club service culture and philosophy.
  • Visiting other Rotary Clubs outside our district and exchanging small club banners.
  • Helping with Club Banner maintenance – the big ones!
  • Sharing interesting information about personal hobbies with presentations to the membership.
  • Meeting Front Desk Schedule commitments or finding a substitute.
  • Participating in District 7600 social activities.
  • Participating in District Training Assemblies.
  • Participating in Rotary Leadership Institute training.
  • Helping us to maintain our giving traditions through The Rotary Foundation, EREY and Paul Harris Fellowships.
  • Helping the President Elect/VP by recommending interesting speakers for our meetings.
  • Wearing a Rotary Pin always.
  • Displaying a “Proud to be a Rotarian” car sticker.
  • Purchasing a Rotary Vehicle License plate.


Our Members


We support fellow members through challenging period in their lives. This may involve short-term responses to issues like family illness and visits to help with domestic/garden maintenance, errands or meals.


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